i want to join gay paysite xyz but the password wont work anymore?

lots of fellas stumble into older passwords that expired some time ago and think about joining the site, so they keep asking me : hell dude is it dangerous to join that gay site xyz ? will my partner, girlfriend, wife notice that i joined a gay site ?

simple answer: no

most sites are billed with ccbill or epoch or another biller. they do not overcharge or put additional charges other then the previewed price.

they put a transaction number on your card but it wont be related with any porn keyword or other perfidious details that could hurt your reputation amongst family, friends or partners.
neither your bank employee or your wife, boyfriend will ever or hardly notice that you have interst in gay porn and payed for accessing one.

this is the most fear encountered by people who would even like to pay for a paysite content but are afraid they would be catched following their lusty desire.

why do some passwords in here not work anymore`?

very simple, some nice folks donated their passwords and payed for it for a month and then canceld their membership, so if you see a post date older then a month , it is normal, that those passwords wont be valid anymore. some accounts maybe valid during a 3 month , 6month or even lifetime period, but thats mostly rare. in most cases passwords do expire after a month within a couple of month ( as soon the donatore canceld his subscription)

so if you are really eager for some site content, think about making yourself a 1 month subscription and think about sharing your acccount with other horny guys, you get some in return then easy